Here is the new cover to my portfolio. I've been working on it for a weeks now -- hopefully it will be finished this week.


Seven [7] Sins

This series was created to symbolize the negative aspects of urban cities. Each sin identifies a natural element, human quality[ies], and resemblance of decay that exists, and is the deterrent , in deteriorating infrastructures.

Seven [7] Virtues

The seven [7] virtues signify a resolution to each of the sins. These graphic representations were the basis of discussion for urban revival.


Revitalizing Detroit


|Motive| motivation is the underlining principle that is responsible for productivity. It is my strongest attribute -- as well as my greatest weakness.

HDR Detroit

Detroit as seen through my eyes ||and lens||

Graphic Design Projects

Tree Studies

Past Arch. Projects


HDR photographs for a project in Owosso

The blog is up

Well, I finally committed to creating my blog. There are countless goals on the calender for 2010 -- this is one of them. This year will hopefully allow for several opportunities to develop my skills, meet new people, and enjoy the creative environment.

Please stop in from time-to-time for updates.